Bitcoin Ben | Cryptos are the new American idea, Be positive, see the magic!

Cryptos are the new American idea, Be positive, see the magic! Let me explain. Facebook Live 5/30/18.


  1. Stop with the " on a big ball spinning through space" crap. In case you didn't notice, all those photos from outer space are fake, the accompanying science is equally as fraudulent.

  2. yes sir! I never had to choose to be negative to other people. I am most negative to myself. Wish I could treat myself as good as I treat others. Workin' on it. If I could be as positive to myself as I am to other people, I would be in Nirvana Heaven.

  3. Humans are really insatiable and selfish, I remember when Bitcoin rose to 20k in December , most people started wishing they bought earlier at 8k and the wise ones waited for it to dip again, Immediately it got below 8k I bought 10Btc in February and I was making researches on how to increase and make profit from it, on Bitcoin BEN Channel, I heard him mention RICHARD FOX strategy as a very reliable one, I got his contact and I reached out to him, he has so much knowledge on crypto, he showed me the best strategy to increase my Bitcoin, I have over 45Btc in my Blockchain and I sell some and trade again. I have been winning with RICHARD’S method of trading bitcoin. Every one of you can reach out to him like I did via mail and TELEGRAM +1(562)316-2964**, *HANGOUTS and Skype *(

  4. Ben is right …Even Abraham Lincoln said that "happiness is a choice" !! I always like to say there are 3 types of people! (1) Problems Complainer's (2) Problem Makers, and lastly (3) PROBLEM SOLVERS ! I personally prefer the latter !!!

  5. Why are you so NEGATIVE about the way Vitalik looks 😂 Try to see the 'MAGIC', "life is a circus" remember "love life" "god created asses to be slapped" … so many great quotes in this one. SHARE THIS VIDEO!! Love you Ben 🤗

  6. Hey brother, I'm a positive person and I really love your reinforcement on how you view life.

    You cheer me up always and keep me being optimistic about life and everything!

    I love you ben! Fuck the haters and keep doing you bro.

  7. Hey Ben….your way too good looking and entertaining to watch. Get off Youtube dude, your RUINING MY LIFE ….I have to watch you every day and I laugh and get so much good information. Knock it off dude……you've been trolled.

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