Bitcoin – Bearish Divergence? – Key Levels – Technical Analysis – Elliott Wave

In this Bitcoin (BTC) trading we review the current correction using technical analysis and Elliott wave theory. Key levels of support and resistance are given. Steemit:


  1. So Influenced by your bearish view on things, I found the balls to short the bull flag with a kind of bulltrap at the end last night, lol needless to say it paid off. A gambly move tho, BigBallsSell lol. Thx

  2. Bryan I think many of us a are skipping the accumulation phase. Why do people expect to suddenly go moon? It's very common for a market to move sideways for a bit instead of mooning directly after a downtrend.

  3. Hi Brian, thank you for your efforts and rich Videos 🙂 In Tradingview you can save the current indicators as a template and mark them as your fav. to switch between them quickly.

  4. The pattern is totally bot driven, why wouldn't you think so. 95% of the traffic movements on coinbase at least is all bots and algo pattern which seems to not matter in terms of volume…volume is the lowest and the price gets jolts upward or dumps happen no matter what the volume says. I literally turned volume off. All of this is driven in a predetermined pattern.

  5. Big thanks for your time, Brian. We all appreciate it very much indeed. Personally I think you're the best on the internet. Look after yourself, look after your family, and… Happy Trading!!!

  6. Was turned off when I noticed the OBV divergence earlier today, but the volume that just came in on bitfinex got me buying in, although I'm planning on getting out quick. Thanks for devoting your time to teaching us

  7. If you check bitfinex…the volume is different – much bigger on that one hour you are looking at. Would you please take a look? Thank you for your analysis.

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