Bitcoin – Bearish Divergence Confirmed – Key Levels – Technical Analysis – Elliott Wave Analysis

In this Bitcoin (BTC) trading tutorial we review the current correction using technical analysis and Elliott wave theory. Key levels are given as well. Steemit:


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  2. thanks for another excellent T/A video, I look forward to them as I learning a great deal from your expertise. If possible would you be able to give some insight into LTC, I know the entire crypto sector is being guided by BTC and your time is likely rather limited so if it is not possible it is completely understood and no problem

  3. 1 bearish divergence against about 20 bullish divs in a row since 9 K 😛 dunno what u think but i know better :D. current bears will be out FOMO capital above 13K, will be a great ride this year.

  4. Seems very likely that BTC is going to hit $6k now. It failed to reach $7.5k yesterday so we saw a decent sell off. I'm still bullish on BTC for the year but the reality is that bears are in full control right now.

  5. your videos are more or less the same each and every time you produced in many times a day. do you have a projection for bearish and bullish case? it would be helpful when you have a bullish and bearish counts. Otherwise, I cannot see any distinction, except seelign 1hr and 4 hr support resistance.

  6. Why would you get out of the short fully here, take some profit sure. but 1W candle is literally begging a trader to short and 2 weeks with no bounce of 50MA on 1W is uberbearish

  7. Some buy cheaper over the counter and make profit in the markets from youtubo fomo buying … Scammers offices make this market. Keep price up to sell more and buy from you in the end.

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