Bitcoin Back to $5k – Cryptocurrency Live Trading Short – Bull Trap

The Bitcoin Bull Trap is in Place and we are ready to hit new lows The site I’m using to Trade Crypto Donate some …


  1. Yeah I would agree with your future but would add I expect a break out to around 8K by the 12th Still could happen,, But then after the peak a slow dip down to around 6K with a slow creep up over the next 6 months. Advice hold on. Buy on lows, and get caught up in 2 years time. So this is for a longer haul on this one. No quick flips really to profit at this point.

  2. I think fully autonomous trading bots like DROPIL are making huge waves. Even though I love learning about trading it can be very stressful. If your interested their coin/ticker is DROP. Happy trading to all.

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