Bitcoin and the Next Market Crash – Andrei Polgar on the Age of Anomaly

Interview with Andrei Polgar, author of “The Age of Anomaly” on spotting financial storms.


  1. After Venezuela "Default" now there are many problems with Turkish Lira Fiat currency. Inflation of 17% and the main european states (Spain, French) with big invesment in Turkish economy lost money. Also Italy with one of the most important bank as Unicredit invested in Turkey. Unicredit on an investment of 2 billion euros now have only 1,25 billion euros, it lost about 40% in only one year. European Central Bank is monitoring this situation. Is it the beginning to the end for fiat currencies?

  2. 9/10 times you are dead on with your predictions but thank you for admitting when you are wrong and make mistakes. I wish your pro course was a little cheaper.

  3. Alessio, may I ask why you are relying only on TA? You were right on the potential reversal of BTC but you didn't consider the SEC response on ETFs. Shouldn't be more wise to use all the signals for predictions?

  4. What if people invested for years in something; after 5 years its value naturally increases. The greedy mass buy, leading to a spike. The majority of early investors find themselves rich, sell and go buy properties, live off their gains. The late commers expecting a continuous price increase lose a lot. But isn't that how most trends operate? (Apart professional trading firms who pump and dump every day).

  5. Further on the remark made down below and focusing on the use-case of cryptocurrencies in general, indeed it seems that ETN is doing just that what is being identified as both shortcoming and need to move forward. Ease-of-accessibility, mobility, possibly detaching the cryptospace from the banking space as a payment method (initially passing thru some sort of hybrid state where crypto would be traded against services/goods iso FIAT) and all this via app’s and smartphones… Only time will tell whether this will be the proper way to (mass) market, but so far only have seen one crypto take that path.

  6. i believe Crypto is the future too but not in Trump era an till the next crash but i think BTC got her miracle two weeks ago and that's it which was a hug favor for BTC but it has t come to the truth that BTC bubble need to go down which is good for BTC actually but not for the trader !! who just swing the chart and never care abt the fundamental at all ( i didn't invest in BTC but i will) but plzz look at the SP500 its doing something in the last two days that need attention specially at that time of the year

  7. ..check out Vechain Alessio, would really love to hear your view as it potentially changes the paradigm and may be the fastest path to mass adoption outside of BTC..

  8. I am 12 percent into Andrei's book "The Age of Anomaly" which I ordered on Kindle. It's soooo interesting with fascinating details but moves along fast. As a 64 year old crypto investor, I am learning much about US history. Highly recommend. Thumbs up for crypto investors who need this information!

  9. Wrong. Metals did just drop everything dropped. Gold went up because of interest rates getting cut not for market to digest it, like Andrei said. That was also the worst explanation of being symmetrical…. Symmetry brother. This webinar told me nothing. Alyssio stop with every video being about bitcoin or older video of stocks, indexes were awesome.

  10. Hi Alessio,
    Thanks for your wonderful videos. I am big fan of urs.
    Just wanted to mention that when u said that u got wrong for this bitcoin bottom, I thought so before and I think apart from TA you should be looking at fundamental news.
    u might remember about SEC approval and all, worth to notice at that time that only BTC was on rise not the altcoins therefore we cannot say that it was a bull market. it was also speculation if sec approves BTC skyrocket else tanks.


  11. Don't be too hard on yourself Alessio, I still have faith in your Bitcoin analysis and appreciate your insights very much. Ignore the trolls and just keep doing the great work you do, thanks 🙂

  12. u forgot about the ppl who dont give a sh1t about a crypto )) U cannot call 'avarage' those who already involved in crypto in any way… caus ethey r not… they r smart enough to understood what crypto means for whole world)))

  13. Exchange tokens like Binance coin are the only alts I would even consider touching until a sustained uptrend is establish. Holding anything else is a good way to get wrecked on moves down when you could easily buy in on the first few legs of a bull run.

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