1. You should work with Ivan on Tech as well he just came out with a coding course for newbies! you two together would be a super star lineup! RogerKVer is good at backpeddling and flip flopping! he's a outright Weasel! the actual definition of what a Weasel is!

  2. Jimmy, good on you for calling out Roger Ver & Joe Lubin but constructive criticism I'll call you out on is STOP SAYING "SORTA" "KINDA" in your conversational speech.
    It's WEAK speech Jimmy & I know you're a STRONG TRUSTWORTHY STAND-UP guy.
    Your words/speech could be misconstrued w/ the weak language that you habitually use.
    "SORTA" "KINDA" are just "maybe" "perhaps" type of words not 100% CONFIDENCE words.

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