Bitcoin and Litecoin Update (Pre-LTC Summit Live Stream!)

Support the stream: In this live stream, we look at Bitcoin and Litecoin on the charts as we do some technical …


  1. The entire market is a mirror of the 2014 bear market and its hard to know where the bottom is. Everything outside of BTC has broken its market structure and it will take time to recover. BTC will most likely break structure soon and then the bloodbath will get worse. It could be a couple of years before we get back to where we were, its a matter of sitting it out and trying to figure out where the bottom is. Behind the scenes there is a lot of work going on with these projects and they will continue to roll on and improve all the time. Can we see a $20 LTC? Certainly – maybe even $10. Everyone should hold off and try and buy the bottom. Can LTC hit $1000? Absolutely.

  2. there are a few support levels that LTC will have to fall through to hit 30 (30 is not likely…). I think there is good support in the 44/45 area, after that again in the 39/41 area but after that there is not much in the way of real support until 23/24 and then again 15/17. I just do not see much at 30 in the way of real support but I can see above or below it.
    the key is what Dan mentioned, we keep making lower highs and until the pattern breaks the bear continues. BTC has support in the 5440/5700 and again at around 4800 followed by 4150/4300 and then strong support around 3500/3800. I see this happening as long as we stay in this downtrend but one of the supports will set up a new real bottom but I don't see it at 6k. I think we get to the lower numbers as this is a thin market and it just does not take much to move it in a relative sense. Just my opinion. I am curious to see how low ETH will go as I can see it go to 80

  3. So Dan. Thinking of your video from yesterday. For most people that are cost average buying a couple of coins a month, there is no real difference between 60 LTC and 40 LTC if and when it hot 500+ a coin in my book. Just keep buying. I do like the guys previous comment of a 84 LTC goal. Gives me something to aim towards.

  4. My goal is to get to 84 LTC so that only 1 million people can have as much or more then me of LTC’S I figure if we’re around 7 billion humans and 1/3 are to young or to old to purchase and the other 1/3 doesn’t have enough fiat to invest or are not interested there are still more then 2 billion of people that can all of a sudden realize this and start loading up on LTC , I also think sometimes all the rich people there are in this world ( sports athletic , actors, singers , well paid jobs , business owners there are literally millions of people that can dump millions of dollar in the matter of a few clicks of a mouse 🐁 I truly believe with this lightning network and all the community behind this coin the potential can and will be life changing ( not financial advice lol ) people talk about bitcoin being 1 million dollars and LTC will be 1/5 of btc I tell myself with 84 LTC AT 1/5 btc that’s more then 15 BTC all to say that around 5000.00$ gets you 84 LTC and one day will be over 15 million dollar hopefully I’ll have my 84 LTC BAG in no time👍🤞🙏😀

  5. Litecoin should be $1000 by now with all the adoption and projects they cleared this year.
    i invested $7500 since last november and im down almost -$5000!!!
    im over the bear market, and need some bullish trends.

    great video and TA brother👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  6. Dollar cost average – buying with caution – with crypto you never know where bottom is and where bull run begins – BAKKT coming soon – could change everything – billions of new money coming in…………..

    VanEck SolidX ETF priced in to be declined/delayed…………………but again if it goes through…………………

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