Bitcoin and Litecoin Live – Big Money Is Coming

Bitcoin and Litecoin Live – Big Money Is Coming Let’s talk about Steven Cohen briefly and also explore all the big money already starting to turn it’s eyes to …


  1. Ultimately, the DigiByte blockchain will mine 21 billion DGB over the course of 21 years. There are currently 8.1 billion DGB in circulation. You can purchase DGB on most major exchanges or join a mining pool to mine it. DigiByte’s various algorithms support ASIC and GPU mining. 21 Billion might water down the upside in Price Per Coin.

  2. LTC and Bitcoin looking good this week.Hope all of you reaped the profits.For the 5 potential coinbase coin listings.Hopefully most of you were lucky to have ZRX,XLM,ADA,BAT,ZEC already.

  3. Hey as long as this “big money” goes into btc, good. We need about $15k+ on btc for ltc to flirt with new highs
    Unless this fucker gets its own wings and takes flight

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