Bitcoin and cryptocurrency price history says now is a good time to start accumulating

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency price history says now is a good time to start accumulating BTC and other cryptocurrency prices seem to follow a similar pattern. We are in the “boring” phase after…


  1. I think the best investment advice Dave is to buy the book The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday and post up the april 7th daily read(on your refrigerator) from that book. That perhaps is the best words I've ever seen. and as an investor if you can remind yourself of this daily you'll be better off for it. buy this book just to read this one part. worth the reminder in itself. Its a fun book because you get a daily really short philosophical read. totally badass!

    to quote from that daily part: "What haven't I considered? Why is this thing the way it is? Am I part of the problem or part of the solution? Could I be wrong here? Be Doubly careful to honor what you do not know, and then set that against the knowledge you actually have. Remember, if there is one core teaching to this philosophy is that were not as smart and wise as we'd like to think we are. If we ever do want to become wise, it comes from the questioning and from humility–not, as many people think, from certainty, mistrust, and arrogance." and to add to this, sign up for and watch the video on Pearl by John Steinbeck and read that book too.

    Life to me has a butterfly effect. The people you influence may go on some day to influence others. One video of advice with precision can change the whole world if you find the right words to say after relentless studying, calculation, questioning, etc.

    The world needs more tough love. My expression in writing here is that the people I follow as good as they are.. have fallen short in some ways. The could have been better. They could have been more precise.

    Like Jim Rohn says: everything effects everything else, nothing stands alone.

    Sometimes when I watch youtube videos I think the human race has lost sight of what really matters.

  2. No – history actually tells us that its always best to stay well clear of pyramid Ponzi schemes as they always scam a lot of people and not getting involved is the only way of protecting yourself. If you have spare money to invest buy real stuff like land, property, metals, art work etc. – if the bottom falls out of the price at least you still have the thing you bought and can make use of it…when bitcoin crashes to zero, all you have left is a unique digital code that proves you are the owner of nothing…you might also have an unexpected tax bill and if you're a big enough player, once its gone full cycle, the police might want to speak to you too as Bitcoin will become known as the largest ever financial scam in history and many heads will roll.

  3. We go to 4800 usd.
    Please use your Fibonacci retracement and fix your chart on weekly candle from the top to the bottom…. no worry i am younger and smarter than you… you brain is to small to see it…cheers

  4. A question: if no new dollars/money comes into bitcoin, given new Bitcoins are being created through mining, the value of your bitcoin will decrease. Is that a true statement? Also, keep in mind transaction fees will decrease Bitcoins value too without new money coming in. I look forward to a response.

  5. What is your opinion regarding these trade wars? Trump putting tarrifs on everything and china responding. Some others have said this may lead to inflation and a drop in the dollar. Leading to bitcoin becoming gold 2.0 for store of value.

  6. Great video Dave, I think you are right on this, I have been accumulating smaller and medium cap coins that have fallen hard in the dip, Stuff like PIVX, DeepOnion and Shield. Signs are pointing for a good year for privacy coins so these are what I will be hodling.

  7. or not because it could very well be a bull trap looking at last minute prices .. i was monitoring deeponion and xvg lately (yes i am a fan of privacy coins) and i can see looking at their movements that we are going to see low prices again in the coming days …

  8. I fully agree with you Sir… Buy the Dip and use dollar cost averaging to ensure the best average price. I'm continuously buying small batches of bitcoin, DeepOnion and Icon. Bitcoin is King and the other 2 are my altcoin Gems that can easily do X10+ during the next bullrun. (Definately not alts that you are talking about that will go to 0)

  9. Trend is still bearish. I am waiting for a $5000 Bitcoin. It can go lower long term. Also that example is infantile, you are trying to simplify a very difficult subject of predicting probability with a crude drawing.

  10. WOW, you held on yoru first time from 1 year under water?! Are you a wizard? 😀
    It was easy for me, I got in in mid summer 17 and my overall portfolio never got negative, even on worst days. Didnt feel good, but I never went negative on weekly.

  11. Dave, I have two questions:

    1. What's your view on market manipulation and price suppression? I read an in depth article a couple days ago (which has since been removed coincidentally) and to sum it up, it looked at charts for Gold, Silver and other precious metals losing value once futures we're able to be traded on them vs the pattern on a chart with Bitcoin and how these things never recovered once futures were involved.

    2. What's your view on taking a percentage of profits off the table periodically when your portfolio reaches ATH before corrections? I know that being successful and already making some money that may not be a priority to you but what about the average person? Do you still think the average person should just hodl or do you see any positives in taking out about 10-30% of profits after things do make a parabolic move? Obviously we can logically assume from past performance that Bitcoin for example has had a correction most times its reached a new ATH so it would be safe to assume that taking out some some profit would be okay because you would have the chance to buy back in at a possible correction and actually have some fiat to use at the same time.

    Maybe a video on the 2 questions if they are too long to answer here? lol

    And congrats on 10K subs!

  12. Hey Dave great video again, thank you. I wanted to ask, obviously this repeated cycle of parabolic moves upwards and dips back down to a slightly higher 'boring' level than the last time can't continue forever. Nevertheless, it sounds like you think the price of BTC, ETH and XLM all can climb higher than their current 'boring' levels and have a few more parabolic rise and dip cycles in them.

    Time-wise I know you work off a 5 year projection, but when does the party stop and these parabolic rises and dip cycles cool down to a longer more stock-like growth/decline? What price point do you see as a reasonable expectation for these 3 coins to hit (ball park estimate), for you to say OK I've had my gains and it's time to get out?

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