Bitcoin And Altcoins Prices Tumble, Investors Dominate Bitcoin And EOS Stablecoin

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  1. I don't think we will end the year without anything major. If they manage to get XRP live and running, it may come very close to the nr.1 spot and at that point they will do everything to keep BTC at the top (ETF approval). What do you think about that?

  2. IF, your crypto is on a hard wallet, you could just delete YouTube and come back around in Dec when the big money pumps this market up so they can have a nice Christmas. Nothing’s changed.

  3. when will people realize that the SEC and its controllers, are manipulating these prices through their inaction. This is a set up. their handlers are controlling this. the big institutions want the price to crash, so they can get in cheap and maximize their profits. Allowing government agencies to influence crypto prices is completely ridiculous. The whole idea of crypto is to bypass the banks and government manipulation. STOP TRADING ON GOVERNMENT SENTIMENT. Crypto is supposed to be a liberation from government control. The way people are acting is that they will never get off of the government teet.

  4. I'm hope the price goes down further to stock up. XRP won't be labeled a security, they even have former sec members defending them in court and they have Benjamin Lawsky former NY sec board member is on the Ripple board the same guy that made BTC regulations for BTC back in 2014 as seen on "banking on bitcoin". Once Xrapid goes live XRP will be used as a utility token that transfers large quantities of money anywhere around the world in less than 10 seconds. Stock up while the price is cheap or believe the fud if you want.. your choice.

  5. Beg to disagree with a statement regarding owning a money in bank. Yes, banks do not posess all money in bank notes, as most of transactions are purely electronic, and just a small amount is coming to a cash desk or atm to take a money from the account. Money in physical form is expensive to handle, and therefore central banks as setting a certain percentage as a requirement to be kept in notes, and risk departments in banks are doing daily calculation to get how much money will be needed in each affiliate. If you come and request 1 mil usd to withdraw, you would need to wait till the next day for that. Nothing else

  6. ETF delay decision is probably good thing! Probably means more chance of it going through………..if that's a good thing!

    There was a really good interview between Trace Mayer and Caitlin Long on Bitcoin 'financialisation' the other day! Check it out!

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  7. The SEC will rule against the ETF proposal at the end of the day. Bitcoin will drop like a rock to about $4K while at the same time commanding about 60% of the total market cap by that time. Then it'll go to $80K by March 2019. Mark my words! You'll see it happen…👀

  8. I love what you said that this is the year of "ACCUMULATION." Unfortunately I did the same last year but it's all good. I had a five year goal on Cryptos. The next bull run will be unlike anything we have ever seen. I am loving these dips. Once the bull runs starts, we I'll never see these kinds of prices in our lifetime. BUY the dip or atleast HODL!!!

  9. The rehypothication is the same in stocks too. Most people don't understand, when u go on your Fidelity or Schwab account & buy a share, 3 to 5 people "own" that same share of stock… They are hardly ever physically settled..

  10. However, I would assume everyone's crypto exchange account is linked to a bank account. So if a particular bank(s) has frozen withdrawals, it doesn't really matter how many bitcoins you have anyway..

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