Bitcoin Analysis – LTC | ETH | ONT | LSK

Bitcoin repeating a prior move giving Altcoins a chance to run we cover BTC along with a few of these alts. Follow me on Twitter! @realcryptotrade Website: Webinars: Real-crypto…


  1. Could you do another video about the relationship between Crypto and the stick markets? I feel like people want crypto to go on a Bull Run like last year but they don’t realize how much of Bitcoin’s 2017 rise was related to the markets doing the same. Now that we’re in more uncertain times for investors maybe we should have more realistic expectations.

  2. Serious question. How do you keep that background the green one on your videos. I've not been able to get this one, and want it bad. Thanks for the help!!

  3. ETN might be a good buy right now 1) Litepay failed which will help ETN 2) ETN's two big blunders have been "fixed" 3) ETN is now on other exchanges including Kuccoin.

  4. Saw another TA YouTube video saying that maybe BTC is repeating 2013 instead of 2014 in which case capitulation and massive run up could happen earlier. Any thoughts on that?

  5. how many bitcoins would you be buying at 3000 BTC? if you are buying some, everyone else would be buying, and who would be selling at 4K BTC?? you are talking the pre October 2017 crowd selling at those prices, 5500 BTC bottom is more realistic

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