Bitcoin Analysis Feb 5, 2018: US Banks’ Attack on Cryptocurrency Fuels Bearish Sentiment

Bitcoin price continues its walk on a downward slope. The price is breaching old support levels and forming new ones. Will there be a consistent correction? Subscribe to NewsBTC | Click Here…


  1. It's a very simple phenomenon. Decentralized and centralized system can't run together and specially decentralized system cannot run depending on most of it's moves on Central Banking system. That's like saying Give me your gun I wanna shoot you …
    Hence, De centralized system must adopt it's own identity free transaction system and not go into know your customer policy enforced by the older dominant Capitalists who can't figure out what Bitcoin is how it has been programmed. Its just above their understanding.
    Secondly and most importantly, there should be a parallel buying and selling methodology with in block chain or hash graph independent of Central Banking.
    Stop begging and move on.

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