Bitcoin + Alts Technical Analysis Chart 7/8/2018 by

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  1. Def like the hay idea! Just planted tomatoes today in the front yard … (only place really with the amount of sun needed) … but was a little worried about the organic soil/mulch I included in the planting … drying out. The surrounding oregano (growing in abundance) and lavender might add a little interesting flavoring to the tomatoes … and the big red berries should stand out against the yellow/green oregano and purple lavender.

  2. It's all about content…. Not Curtains…. I cant believe anyone would bother complaining about something so pointless. Thanks Dan, Really appreciate your time and content. As always 🙂

  3. Really enjoying the farming aspects of your travels. Out of curiosity, have you heard of Mother Earth News and / or gone to any of their fairs?

  4. I'm looking forward to the next episode of your farm life more than btc charts now, torn! Love it and hope to follow your footsteps and mindset. Eat figs not pigs!!!

  5. U know about the stuff i love and want to learn about, trading and farming, so much to learn from u. Your curtains are as fancy as required 🙂

  6. Market sentiment is shifting , were talking about Dan's curtains .I'm going all in now – Bullish AF! Hint the reverse psychology vibe Dan is secretly telling us -So when Dan has less in the background Bullish , when he has all the cute flower pots and ancient pieces and not much comments on the cool things -Bearish . Your the best Dan .I bet those curtains come in handy while your trading and you answer the door? (only a die hard fansof yours will understand what I meant by that).

  7. I'm pretty sure it says somewhere in the bible that the true measure of a man is reflective in the quality of his curtains !!! Repent and consume my son !!!

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