Bitcoin & Altcoin Cryptocurrency Market Notes From February 2018

In this video I review some insights into the Cryptocurrency market in regards to Bitcoin and other Altcoins in particular Ethereum, Lisk and NEO. The overall cryptocurrency market appears…


  1. Wait for prices to level out for a solid day before touching anything at the moment. Personally I am watching NEO (& GAS), Cardano, Ethereum, and IOTA closely. My opinion is that we will see BTC level and bounce around 6,500$ before we start to see consistency and growth across the board.

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  3. I'm more interested in the altcoins under 1cent. HTML coin is going to be huge and is currently rising as I type this. if you were wise you would grab some now on bleutrade and hold it till the end of the year.

  4. HODL ALT ARMY .. We may have lost a few Lambos this month but we will have our own airports in the future 🙂 I just keep Dollar cost averaging my positions in the tech i believe in. I also did not sell due to taxes. Uncle Sam gets enough already !

  5. The Verge Android Wallet App

    Verge uses five different Proof of Work algorithms on its blockchain: Scrypt, X17, Lyra2rev2, myr-groestl, and blake2s. All of these algorithms have a target block time of 30 seconds, with a difficulty influenced by each algorithm’s hash rate. This broad spectrum of algorithms allows Verge to offer a high level of security as well as the ability for a wide range of individuals and devices to mine.

    Lastly, Verge offers peer-to-peer platform integrated portals that make it possible to transfer Verge quickly and easily via Telegram, Discord, Twitter, and IRC. Reddit, Steam, and Slack integration is currently under development.

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    Deterministic key generation that allows users to recover a lost wallet from its seed
    Instant On that doesn’t require users to download the entire blockchain. Instead, Electrum wallets request live blockchain information from the server
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  6. i'm with you man going long with crypto, made awesome points i didn't even know about investfeed until now so def investing, and signing up… and to backup your point i not only see bitcoin and ether being dominant backbones but also litecoin and neo i see a lot of promise with them and what a great opportunity now that they fallen

  7. To be honest, Jeff, I feel the only people who are worried or stressing at this time, are those who put in too much money or money which they actually need. That's why we always say, only invest your spare cash which you don't desperately need or don't mind putting aside for a while. The people who are relaxed,invested wisely, knowing they can leave their money in crypto until the market recovers. If you're having sleepless nights, you're just thinking about the wrong way. Think where the market will be in a few months or years, not where it'll be tomorrow or next week. Just change you're mindset. Otherwise, love the videos, Jeff!

  8. Neo is the future of the smart economy. It can do about 1000 tx per second now and has the potential for 10,000. Ethereum can do 3. ETH has it's uses, and wide adoption, but in head to head competition in the smart economy it's pretty obvious which would come out on top.

  9. The Rules for taxation in Canada and US is that once you sell a stock , or an asset , or in this case CRYPTO currency, then that transaction becomes taxable under US Law.  To make things simple, the Brokers simply send out statements that summarize the entire year with one figure at the very bottom — your profit or loss.  Thats the number you report on your tax form.  Crypto works the same way.  Trouble is that exchanges around the world aren't sending out annual P&L statements for tax purposes as far as I know.  Bottom line is that if you didn't sell out by Dec 31, you are clear of the tax man for another year.  Cheers.

  10. Through my research it looked like a good project to me but unfortunately it turned out to be a scam. In the unregulated crypto wild west sometimes what seems like a great opportunity can be used to veil an underhanded project by a deceitful few. The No. 1 rule is never invest more than you can afford to lose. The No. 2 rule is do your own research before investing. Do not get brainwashed. You work so hard for your money

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