Bitcoin & Altcoin Chart Update + I Created My Own Token!?

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  1. Hey Kyle, love your vids. I say your video with Chris. It was inspirational. I hope that with good investing i will also pay off my loans. I would be nice that spt would be listed on an exchange. greetings from the Netherlands and how was your trip to Miami? my etc adress is: 0x6B7F47B7571b8DF56A05e318454B6F75E08aa7d3

  2. Hello BTCKYLE, I'm new to "Cryptocurrency Trading", and my first video about Crypto was made by you, so I really appreciate your efforts in realizing such comprehensive videos, I have learned a lot from you and now I'm earning some BTCs from trading because of you. I wish you all the best with your idea of Social Point! I think that's what we are missing: Spreading positive in the our world. Thank you!!

    Ether Address: 0x36a382E8cEe258f30B9f97C8A66Ad908391B9237

  3. Analysis is on point and this concept seems promising! Now your comment sections will be riddled with comments and Ethereum addresses…


  4. Hi Kyle! Found you when I was trying to understand charting and just getting into this crazy crypto world. Love how you explain things! I got a MEW and still trying to figure it out but here is my ETH addy: 0x6B36E4c1a0e28eA97612d50E6FCd1100DcEaC9A9 Thanks again!!!!!

  5. Thanks Kyle for this update, and all you do. Have been a long time follower of your work 🙂

    Spots is actually a great idea! Perfect for a community such as the one you have created!

  6. Basically your videos were the first I found with real advises, pros and cons… helped me a lot. I guess you have helped whole lot of people who were a bit lost at the beginning. Promoting real social behaviour and positivity is clearly what all of these new tech should be about. Previous social media / experience seems to have failed people are now close, eye focused on their device only sharing about themselves… I really wish your idea move forward or get duplicated until a success
    Thanks Kyle 0xed8e5050be542a929E06Dc6e8ef63af03408d77f

  7. Hi Kyle. Great channel, and I really admire your ambition to create a token, very cool. Keep up the good work! My ETH: 0xcf6aa502d2fdd0cc3db59abdf79076c1adf90f71
    Also, I'm a long time youtuber, and have been a fan/believer in Bitcoin/blockchain since I first learned about it five years ago, but I'm a fairly new investor into crytocurency, long time investor in stocks and mutual funds. I just created a new channel this evening devoted to cryptocurrency, blockchain, moneymanegement, etc. I'd appreciate it if you would at least consider taking up this invite to veiw my intro video (that's the only video I have at the moment) for my new channel. Thanks in advance for the "points". I really do hope for the best for you with your latest endeavor. Good work!

  8. This is an interesting project, I have to congratulate you for pushing out your own token, I look forward to giving you some ideas as this progresses. 0xdE78a0c3567798E184CdB1318e6ECeF89A8f7c21

  9. Cool these social points do they have a Ticker? You are trowing me into deep water now I thought you are a tutor for beginners. I don't know much about tokens and smart contracts and stuff. So I learned a lot again today getting my Ethereum address I didn't had that yet so I've got one to get these Social Points. I'm gonna hold them for who knows what can happen in this crazy world. Don't want to make the same mistake as that guy that bought a pizza for 80 BTC. Thanks Kyle. 0x68223Ca008dd770b9a741764E1A3e3efb22dE8c5

  10. Hey Kyle, I like the idea of experimenting with Social Points and I'm interested to see how it will play out!

    Good luck


  11. Hi Kyle been watching you from beginning very nice video about technicals on BTC chart also, congrats to you that you have your own token, all good to you and keep us posted… ETH address 0x491da345b304953833adad8ab1e40b772ff5c400 , thanks man

  12. Been following your channel for months now. Nothing but good stuff as always. And thats awesome creating your own token man very cool.

  13. I agree that most of the coins now are 'vaporware.' I'll have to check out EDG. You mention a few privacy coins and the pump effect of one on the others. Have you looked into DeepOnion? From what I've seen it's more than just vaporware and could be a top privacy coin for 2018.

  14. I'm just like you, I'm really not good with the day trading. I'm more of a hodler myself, so it's good to finally see someone on here who I identify with in terms of what you hold and how often you sell. I hold some bitcoin as well, but most of my portfolio is made up of altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin, and some smaller ones such as EOS, NEO, and DeepOnion. Looking forward to your next video, thanks!

  15. Well you have a new subscriber. It is really refreshing to see someone explain things in such nice, calm and clear way. Opposed to this recent wave of new crypto "experts" that are all hyped up and overacting.
    I agree with your remark that there is not many coins that have a real use. For the past few months I am looking at coins that have some real usage. As I also think that privacy coins are the future I have found two coins that have both boxes ticked.
    DeepOnion is a privacy coin that has something that is called DeepVault. It is a feature that enables you to register hashes of documents and files on its blockchain for later validation of their authenticity. As a bonus it is a hybrid Pow/PoS coin so you getting a nice dividend from staking. Got some nice gains on that one.
    Second is GoByte, also a privacy coin and the price is going up like crazy. It uses a masternode system so it is very profitable if you own one, but more interesting for me is that they will soon implement something that they call GoByte Pay so you can use it for payments, even for sending it directly to a phone number from mobile wallet.
    Keep up with the great work, as I have said it is nice to see a normal person doing a video! 😉

  16. Better luck with the audio in the next 45 min. video, also you say you're more alt-coin focused, which have you your eye on now, if you can make a video or comment on that? 0xDCD4e41E74A517E0334Bb64363AF65cA5862CE96 Thanks.

  17. Hey Kyle, great vid. How is Privatix different from Mysterium and Substratum though? Imo sub is overmarketed which leads to an overpricing, while mysterium development is way more active and they have a beta.

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