Bitcoin 51% Attack – Clearly Explained

Bitcoin 51% Attack – Clearly Explained In this video I explain what a 51% attack is in the world of blockchain & cryptocurrency. TWITTER: …


  1. Why are private forks allowed? Why am I as a miner allowed to keep my mined blocks private until I decide to publish, thus introducing the possibility of a double-spend? Would it not be better for a mined block to just be immediately added to the canonical blockchain or am I missing something?

  2. Wow thanks! That was simple 🙂 but can you explain one thing to me: about 3 month ago I sent 1 ZEC to binance but it showed me that I've got 2 ZEC…like two transactions each with 1 amount of ZEC! I sent another 0.5 ZEC 4hrs later and then again it happened! How that double spending can be explained when it occurred almost at the same time?

  3. This might be a stupid question but why aren't confirmations based on a timestamp where all crypto is locked to one time region (e.g UTC/AEST/GMT etc) rather than the longest chain created? That way the first confirmed transaction is the correct one making anything after false and void

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