Bitcoin = $3,750? | Crash About to End?

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  1. The Market will no longer be reliant on BTC once QASH's Liquid Worldbook launches in April. They are aiming to be the exchange of exchanges and provide liquidity to the entire market. Fully regulated in Japan, one of the best teams in crypto and 17 exchanges partnered already it's going to bring the entire market up

  2. Fiat gateways are killing bitcoin. It's value is in part due to it being a key gateway to the alts. Every time an exchange announces a fiatgate service to alts bitcoin will get hit. That's my opinion, I accept being wrong time will tell. Right now i think btc will drop to at least $3.5k.

    Only some BIG whales can change the flow of the tide but that would be risky considering the exchanges have announced fiat gateways.

    The market needs this purge before a fresh jump of evolution.

  3. You loose only money when you trade crypto for fiat? And you are sure it's gonna go to 3750… so why you wouldn't save 50% from this point… ??

  4. I think it will hit a even lower mark at some point but again it will rise back up. I am ignoring all the bloodbath going on and focus on the future, privacy coins such as DeepOnion, Monero, Dash are the top choices for me.

  5. bitcoin is going to 1k, stay there for 2 years, make 75% of buyers lose hope and sell their bitcoin before it rises to 30k 10 years later. "only when the tide goes out do you know who is swimming naked" thank me next time

  6. Hello you nice guy I like your energy and your work, I nearly want that bitcoin stay at low price during one year just to see you make a new video each week to explain bitcoin will explode soon^^ Sorry I am little sadic^^

  7. out of all the crypto youtubers you're the only one that dosnt seem put down with all the fud, you can hear it in all the other youtubers voices but not yours!

  8. Believers think that it will raise by speculation and greed. But what will trigger the buyers? The losers?
    Keep your bitcoins, because losing fair money is the best and hardest way to learn.
    Believe digital bits and blockchain are really 6.000 US$ worth…..even 100.000 US$ if you keep believing and otherwise you had an exciting time. Maybe start praying.

  9. Bitcoin price raised because people bought to earn their income through lending platforms like bitconnect, when bitconnect shuts its operation bitcoin price falling. bitconnect should come back to increase bitcoin price.

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