Looking at the crypto currency markets for trading BTC and LTC etc. This market trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Binance and Kucoin.


  1. Blood for the Crypto Whale Gods. The common man continues to be sacrificed as we keep feeding them hope m'lord. They are truly sad members of our species to watch.

  2. I don't know about the Invertet. Looks like breakout and classic Retest. The other thing is looks on the Invertet is it looks like a massive bear flag! The way you go over it, shows your confidence in shorting, same as Longing in Bullmarkets! Way to confident my friend, that's the way people getting rekt! Stay woke! Way to confident!

  3. ALSO STRATBTC is showing strong bullish divergence on the daily, with an ending wave diagonal i.e. descending wedge. BTC is also displaying bullish hidden divergence. you need to read some books.

  4. Please stop talking about the "colour of the volume" its not relevant. the candle contains both buy and sell. it doesn't show the number of buys vs the number of sells. it just shows the colour of the closed candle. you can have 1000 sells, and 1001 buys. it makes the volume red, but its not a true representation of the price action.

  5. Good video but no TA dont work shit. No one has ever predicted anything using TA. Its only 50/50. Not sure other markets but thats the fact for crypto. Its so sensitive to manipulation and news and "feeling". If anyone can make say 10 prediction in a row i will shutup.

  6. 16:24 holy shit when i see that all my alarm bells go off… I would be MEGA SHORT seeing a touch of that 6k like that. The decrease in strength and weakening curve from 6000 to 20000 are telling me a massive drop is coming! AKA BULLISH!

  7. ETF dosnt matter last year it was cancelled it mooned and the bear market will be over in next month or next chill out some old shit talking rubbish no one really knows anything about

  8. On CoinMarketCap are you sure the %change is against BTC. If so BTC would always be zero. I think the %change is against the US dollar. Thanks for the good info.

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