Bitcoin 10 YEARS! – Rolex or Bitcoin Investment and Omega!

Here are the watches Steve discussed during the show: SBGA387 – Grand Seiko US only LE of 600 pieces springdrive. Light blue textured dial, stainless steel …


  1. Not sure bout the states, but in my country, all of the swiss preowned shops do not take in GS as trade. That explain swiss mind people still do not accept japan mechanism

  2. That manual winding GS has an amazing mechanism. It is adjusted to 6 positions, 3 different temperatures and has 72 hours power reserve. I have one on a "beads of rice bracelet. It is a real beauty. Unfortunately, only 37.3 mm in diameter, excluding winding crown. The winding, by the way, is very smooth. It also has a cream color dial, so fashionable nowadays. The whole "puppy" looks just like a new old stock vintage watch. It comes with a detailed certificate of testing, among other things, indications +-3-5 sec deviations in 6 different positions and 3 temperatures ranging from 8C to 38C(Celsius).

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