BitClub Network Scam- See Ultimate proof before you start mining Bitcoin with BitClub

if you are wondering if BitClub network Bitcoin Mining Company is scamming people with false claims ,Watch this video to confirm your doubts !! -Not only for BitClub But also For any Bitcoin…


  1. Hi Marco.
    This Bitclub operates as mining in large pool.
    1. How do we know they are really buying new machine for us or just dilute the existing machines to new members.??
    2. Do they proof to us by giving seriel number and hash power of each machine belong to us?
    3. Where can we find info in Bitclub about how many shares have been issued for each category of pool 1, 2 & 3.?
    4. Let say now we have recod for average successful mining daily basis. If tht the case theoritically if price in USD drop, we should getting more BTC.
    5. They said their hashing powrr is 400petahash per second. How do they calculate this. Is it by adding hash pwr of each machine (I believe is 14TH per sec for each machine)

    Tq hope to hear from you.

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