Billionaire: Irresponsible to NOT Invest in Bitcoin!

Mike Novogratz claiming that not investing in Bitcoin is irresponsible, Amazon and Microsoft positioning themselves in the blockchain space.


  1. One of your best videos, I guess. Thanks for your expertise, but you should take a class in basic video production – the white text on white background is hard to read and the stand of your mic is crossing the backdrop. Also the exposure needs a bit more LTC. Otherwise I appreciate your content.

  2. Boost your lighting brightness and then notch the exposure on your camera down. It'll make the background screen darker and you'll be more prominent on the screen. Otherwise, keep lighting the same and lower your backdrop screen by half brightness.

  3. Hey Ivan I just pre paid for your blockchain developer curriculum. Will you have a Telegram or Discord for your students? I would love to discuss and go through the journey with other people.

  4. Regarding functions: aren't the functions groups of directives? If f(x) is a function in Haskell, what might we see in
    function x {

    Even if they are other functions — a pretty normal situation — those functions will, at some level, become imperative commands.

    Where is the distinction made? Does it mean the appearance of only the top level?

  5. Thanx. Great share. Keep up the good work! I always watch your 'show'. Nowadays we as 'imperative' programmers can use lambda's to implement more full inductive reasoning imho.

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