Big Crypto Fraud! Remote Viewing Predicted It

Data published in our November remote viewing report was confirmed today, with major fraud charges involving hundreds of billions of dollars in fake …


  1. I've been listening to your vids for a while now…… haven't predicted anything……..your old Bitcoin prediction of Bitcoin going up happened with an up curve, but it was only a few hundred dollars that you said was a hit………sorry…….

  2. Congratulations! Fraudulent transactions dealing in any form of currency are so rare over human history that this was certainly a hit, though it was posted only on the Patreon page which not everyone can afford to join and look at (or so I understand; I may be wrong). Front loading/tagging so you have something to offer to paying members for next month is just the price one has to pay for wanting to inform people, I guess, as long as folks can fit it in their budgets 🙂 Keep up the interesting work! Next time maybe warn people which way Trump will actually act on some important government issue. Will he sign important legislation or will he not? Will he prove to be a flexible leader or will he go on vacation and leave the country in a lurch because he's mad at people? Will the satellites positioned to see the entire US-Mexico border be good at spotting drug runners and even their tunnels, or is a wall really necessary?

  3. You remote view 'Crypto Frauds' —- then encourage investing in cryptos???   Is that logical to you???? Is that intuitive to you???  As far as these 'hits' —- after the fact not impressive.  Please post these predictions, after you make them and before they occur, if you expect to be 'believed'!!  I can easily predict killings, fires, fraud, etc., then as things occur say this is what I predicted weeks ago and show the people one 'hit' and not mention I predicted one of everything possible just to make sure I got a 'significant' hit.  Why not 3 hits????  You have 3 viewers —– what are the other two doing sitting on their hands??  Oh and by the way, this looks a lot like your 'claimed unique' 'Google fire'.  A lot of buildings with different floors, and 'black smoke' —– wow what a coincidence!!!!  Not impressive.

  4. You guys dont understand that basically only long term plans in the future cant change and everything else can change. Thats what makes psychic predictions about half accurate.

  5. Congrats on the hit. I don't understand how anyone can see future events but I've personally experienced some crazy woo-woo stuff so I can't say it's all B.S..
    It's definitely not. Just because something is beyond human comprehension doesn't mean it's B.S.. To those who think so are saying the brain is without limitations. That's nonsense.

  6. Maybe the "remote wires" got crossed and instead of LTC @ 3000 – what was really meant was BTC @ 3000… Anyway, enjoy the crypto limbo contest (limbo – how low can you go?)

  7. Upbit, South Korea's largest cryptocurrency exchange, is being investigated by local police and ten investigators for alleged fraud, local news outlet Chosun reports today, May 11.
    Being updated on your news makes it easy to make future predictions.

  8. Hi Dick, I like your vids, and watch whenever new ones come up. But, "2019 is a wild wild ride, you haven't seen anything yet" and "buckle your seatbelts" .. so if 2018 was a collapsing market and wild, then 2019 being wild doesn't really settle my beating heart. However, you did say BTC and LTC will do well, so maybe you mean the opposite .. and since you've been pro XRP, BTC, and LTC .. I guess that implies a HODL position?

  9. @Crypto Viewings – Do you know Alois Irlmaier and his predictions? From my point of view he was a natural remote viewing talent and spot on with all of his predictions. He predicted many things that fulfilled in the recently (like the mass migration in Germany or massive riots in Paris, maybe this was only the prelude) and there are more to come (hyperinflation).

  10. Great call, Dick! Hey, I have a question you may want to look into……What's going to happen to all of these stable coins that are supposedly pegged to the dollar, AFTER the dollar begins to crash (hyper-inflation)??? Thanks…………Wow – lots of haters here. I guess it comes with the territory. Cheers

  11. Lol Dick love all your contents but a deaf and blind man would also have predicted a big Crypto Fraud involving an exchange, it's been everywhere since last year. You need to be absolutely more specific, name the actuals within your prediction to narrow it down so we know absolutely, it's to wide ranged, name the date, name the exchange it will happen to, name the actual crime, name how it happened, this is almost like a person going for a reading and says in your life you probably knew a Bob, dick, or harry, the person goes yes yes YES! and the person doing the reading goes WE HAVE A HOT HOUSTON WE HAVE A HIT!! lol, just being jovial keep up the superb content you certainly make us all smile 🙂

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