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  1. How come you haven't made a video about how bad your portfolio got destroyed by this falling crap market ? I've been getting Robinhood alerts ALL DAY and they all say at least a 5% minus or more…. on almost everything!

  2. I’ll buy some bitcoin when it comes back down to 0.00076. Hopefully it does another spike to 20k soonthereafter. 🤞, other than that I would stay away. Ripple looks like another one that should spike up, but who knows right?! Cmon market do your thing… #DoctorDividend2018🇺🇸

  3. I agree for the most part but at least you don't have to have 25k in your portfolio in order to day trade. Defintely volatile. 1 guy says something negative in the media and the whole market crashes

  4. It is definitely a delicate balance at this point. If one has a healthy appetite for risks then jump right in. Personally sticking with equities and getting exposure to Blockchain that way.

  5. I'm new to the stock market. But I'm definitely trying to stay within the stock market range. This cryptocurrency is still have me a little bit nervous. Mainly trying to figure out if I do Investments on Robinhood Via mobile device. And I lose my phone with the crypto coins how do I retrieve them

  6. Would you put in a few thousands tho and see what it does? Just for experimentation. Have you done any deep research on other Altcoins out there and see what the potential they have in the world of cryptocurrency? Would be nice if you did a little video about it and tell us your opinion.

  7. Like ROBINHOOD says, "can't sleep?" Yes, if you can stay with the position after you invest and able to hatch all through before you close your trade….it's has returns. I was able to capitalize using GDAX platform but they have fee for market buy/sell. Robinhood is 100% free in that context. But….fir me only downside, it's not yet available in NY.

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