Best investor play of decade! 13 BTC trades over $1Mil in mins! $6.3Tril Blackrock to enter crypto

Very positive day in crypto! Blackrock might start investing in crypto soon. Blackrock denies investing in crypto Amazon on Verge of Accepting Crypto How to take …


  1. Guessing now you are telling tethers , that it could break down , when u r in the tether bubble , u miss out , and just so you know i am not trying to beef with you just want to know if you really care about crypto or just want money , this is important for all of your members to know , you have never been clear on this item , and if care about money why not hit the market simple buy fang and get rich , too impatient learn options , tether is the best way to miss gains and losses , I GIVE YOU THAT but please let us know

  2. Ha ha, it would be cheaper to donate 1 USD per month than have your PC be a miner and get high electric bills.
    Thanks for all your effort Chris, seriously appreciate it.

  3. Chris I saw you had two videos in a row talking about how we were going to 5k and how you were in tether and I commented about buying at 6150 and buying neo at $31 hope you werent in tether

  4. Black Rock is lying like all these other fake haters… government is laying the red carpet out for cryptocurrency and u telling me one the biggest institution doesn't want a piece!?…ha!..not believing it .. great channel Chris

  5. BLACKROCK INFO ONLY 6 MONTHS OLD DECISION IS THE NEWS GET US THE OK whaat % u think will get in at first , also the phone is surprising , stealthgrid which has been in production for 4 years is a cryptobank with unlimitted service and no monthly bils , and unhackable encrypted messages and cryptobank with a shapeshifter function

  6. This is crypto you will see projects like ICX and WAN see 2x to 5x really soon , this is not for fiat only this is for belief , I made big FIAT on a nflx put , why dont you play the stock market thatrs very easy and in this late move their is easy money moving around depending how bad tomorrow and following earnings are bad this is running to 18000 , I am not saying it wont bounce one more time off resistance but hodl rather than gaining 6% more crypto , thats a crypto enthusiast if you just in it for money thats great but why tell us how many sold , its all , setup , and thats what we want to see , i am telling you that as soon as people stop predicting dates crypto goes up it will run its course , SKYCOIN does everything that sub , monero and so many other projects due , also been in game for 6 years and never missed anything on roadmap , and you never covered them ,

  7. thats exactly what i did, i was in the canibus stocks, some tech an lithium battery material, but i eventual moved all that off NASDAQ and over to my existing crypto lol

  8. Man mr. Bank for running such a big Corporation doesn't sound like he's very well informed got a new upcoming currency I think he's full of shit he loves big coin he's already balls deep in Bitcoin he just doesn't want you to know it

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