Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2018 – Stellar Mooning Early In February 2018!

Stellar Lumens (XLM) is one of the best cryptocurrency to buy for February of 2018. We take a look at this altcoin through 2 lenses: one of them on a fundamental basis, and the other one on…


  1. Sighz, I already warned people that in a bear market, don't expect to see mooning effect and don't just use TA, read the news and see market sentiments as well!!! Its just simply not realistic. At least wait till March or April, if you guys want to see the good old days.

  2. LOVE all these exited crypto guys even during a crypto crash, why don't you talk about how governments around the world are cracking down on it?  Wish Government would stay out of it. They can't help it, they are just as greedy as everyone else. I heard black lives matter coin is coming out in April, Now this is just getting ridiculous.

  3. There is interesting ICO under the name TokenGo. The company favourably differs in interesting decisions on a background of other ICO. On the essence developers represent the project on creation of ICO and cryptocurrencies without knowledge of programming and difficult diagrams. All is very simple and transparent, the personal office very convenient and is permanently filled with a new functionality. In the telegram there is the active discussion of the project, the audience is permanently replenished.

  4. Nice chart analysis for XLM , how about bigger picture? I do see cup and handle chart pattern is forming, and we may witness much harder breakout to $1+ , of course if BTC will not tank because it has bad effect on most altcoins.

  5. Something I don't understand.. tether is 2.2 billion market cap. Everyone freaks out it could be a scam.. panic sell dropping crypto market cap 50 billion dollars. If tether was a complete fraud it would make those holding tethers take the loss of 2.2 billion. Why would people panic sell cratering the market 50 billion because ONE coin could be a 2.2 billion dollar fraud. They panic an make something that isn't even proven to be a fraud (yet) 25x bigger based on the assumption that one coin could be a fraud. It doesn't make any sense. Those claiming that 2.2 billion dollar fraud (about 4x the size of the recent hack of coincheck) is going to crater the entire crypto market. How exactly is one coin that is 2.2 billion being a fraud going to wipe out 500 billion dollar market cap. How stupid are people they can't even math at a basic elementary level?

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