Best Altcoins Coins To HODL in 2019 – Cryptocurrency Portfolio Strategy

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  1. Nice video but I don't think XRP will ever touch 3 bucks again.. It's just not doing enough as a project. Sending money from one place to another, is all it's doing. Thats a one trick pony that can't compete with Stellar. 

    1. Stellar has its own DEX, XRP does not. 

    2. Stellar has its own stable coin, XRP and Ripple do not. 

    3. You can build on Stellar like ETH, with XRP you can not. 

    4. Stellar has a bigger banking partnership with IBM then all the partnership Ripple has (note, the majority of them are not using the XRP token.) 

    5. 97% of all the banks in the world are using IBMs banking tech, they are now using the XLM token. XRP just isn't doing enough.

    6. XLM is free to send (on their DEX) XRP has fees

    7. According to Binance XLM can be sent in 6 seconds .. That same test show XRP took 10 seconds.

    8. Stellar has STO’s XRP does not

    9. The only part of XRPs blockchain they have.. was built by Jeb McCaleb NOT David Schwartz 

    10. Fun Fact MT GOX stood for Magic The Gathering Online eXchange. 

    11. Also the XRP fan boys hate this fact but, Jeb McCaleb had nothing to do with MT GOX meltdown.. he sold it two years prior….

    The only questions I’m asking right now, when WILL Stellar overtake BCH.

    1. XLM overtook ADA in July

    2. XLM overtook LTC in AUG

    3. XLM overtook EOS in NOV

    4. When do you guys think it will overtake BCH?

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