Best $25,000,000 Investment for 2018?

When we have 25+ million dollars in 2018 we want invest with the goals of doing the most good and getting the highest return, where is the best opportunity today to make that kind of investment?…


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  2. Jerryyy i am followingg steem because if you and investing in it. I just started and having a hard time because no one i know is on steem.

    If you would follow me on steem @Bartcardi anyone is welcome!!

  3. the number of people who post on steem is still way too low for it to be a dominant website

    google youtube facebook all rocketed up much faster with free content providers they way to build a social network is not to give away money for any kind of content

  4. Come on Jerry there are so many coins that would be a better investment than steem…. you’re obviously pumping this coin as you must have invested a ton in them. You can tell by how many steem videos you’ve done. Cardona, eos are a better bet

  5. steem is shit stop pumping steem shit since you lost so much $$$ on it. nearly every second video you make pumps this shit ass coin just stfu about it and take your loss like a man.

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