“BE the Person You ADMIRE!” | Warren Buffett | #Entspresso

Good morning #BelieveNation! Today’s message is: “Be the Person You Want to Be!” Over to you Warren Buffett, billionaire investor and CEO of Berkshire …


  1. Hi Evan. I was watching this this morning and on number 3, checking in regularly, i am noticing i have following you for a while and i identify you as a friend and I need to even soend time with you and your videos. Thank you for the great work. Keep it up

  2. Great video Evan! I kind of stopped watching your videos for a while (got distracted) but now I'll try and watch daily. This video was awesome and inspiring, although I wasn't a big fan of Joe Rogan's clip (but that's just me). Anyways, keep up the great content Evan.

  3. Thank you for posting this. I admire the crazy dreamers and the LASER focused individuals who only see their dream, who see a road block – built an alternative route to get around that roadblock, and manifested their goals to be where they reside inside the marketplace.

    You ROCK, Evan. Keep on, keeping on.

  4. I have Great Plans, Great Ideas and Most in case of most of them , I have researched so much that I can start off right now. But I don't.
    But I think that right now is the best time may not to execute all of them right now, but atleast start executing one by one, and I have started today and I will continue to improve my performance. 🔥❤🔥✌❤❤✌

  5. Another great video!! From 30 years of experience, I have learned that you need to listen to people around you and see how they treat you. One trait I like in people is brutal honesty. If people love you and believe in you, they will let you know every time you start messing up. They will tell you to stop whinig, to stop overthinking, to stop blaming others and will tell you to change things you don't like. These people will push you in the right direction. Second, thing: if people are around you only when you are happy and cheerful, they are not your friends. They suck out your energy. Great friends are your friends when you are happy and when you are sad. You can know who your friends are by stop communicating with everyone – the ones that call you and ask if everything is alright, are your friends.

  6. My instruction to people is, start by taking a good hard look at your life. Where you were and where you are. Take a time out, take a break stop and just breathe and look. Then, change by getting inspired. Every great person was inspired first. Watch these videos and charge your mind for the hour first before work every single day and don't stop. Then, BELIEVE You can do it. Then make a decision to change your life. Your entire world and future will change with one decision. Take your worst experiences and turn them into tools to help others around you. When you connect and help others with a genuine heart, others will help you back. Your life will change. Thank you for your work Evan.

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