BATT Episode 55: Bitcoin & Altcoin Trading Talk

Join the usual cast & crew as they navigate the murky waters of this bear market. Don’t forget to check out: …


  1. Hey there, I'm a member of the Komodo team.

    We built BarterDEX, the first atomic-swap powered decentralized exchange.

    We've just completed a successful stress test, proving that we are capable of handling high levels of transactions (up to ICO levels).

    Back end is up and running. Front end is also up and running, though we still have some UX/UI improvements to make the experience more clear for newcomers.

    If you are interested in integrating your engine with our exchange, I'm sure the team would be interested to discuss.

    Shoot me an email at siddhartha komodoplatform com and we can discuss.

  2. Can Coinigy have both the total FIAT in there native dollars in there a regular email that gets sent out instead of what gets sent out now which is the total Bitcoin for each exchange separately? This i find actually useless because each time I get the email I would have to add them all up individually copy & pasting the amounts and then try converting it to my AUD FIAT to see it's value. And here is my affiliate link for anyone that wants to sign up new!

  3. I bought the PBC Palm Beach Confidential Crypto Newsletter – expensive but worth it. If interested in a share lmk…. mrbigcoins / gmail

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