Basic Attention Token Soaring Into 2019! Nevada & Colorado Bullish on Crypto! Coinbase Debit Card!

Basic Attention Token Soaring Into 2019! Nevada & Colorado Bullish on Crypto! Coinbase Debit Card! Follow us on Twitter: …


  1. The point of the BAT token in the Brave browser is to be paid in BAT for watching ads, So it isnt an anti ad browser. It is a secure browser but the point of Brave adding BAT is for the user to earn their own ad revenue by watching ads….cool concept.

  2. Thanks for the info during the video I downloaded Brave browser and binance the push for True freedom and decentralization is right at our door I'm on a crash course every day to learn as much as I can thanks again

  3. Great video but I’m not sure with taxable event when it comes to transferring your token to a wallet. I know it’s a taxable event if you sold your tokens for another token or from tokens to fiat.

  4. Hey thank you for the video , i read BAT will reach 1$ , i downloaded brave but i dont understand how to get the BAT out of it … i dont see the window you are showing or where to look at adds to get Some BAT coming in

  5. You have not seen anything yet!
    $ICX just rising from buttoms …
    The bull run here will be 50% stronger than tron , i base it on the circulation supply and the market cap, this is going to be sweet 🙂

  6. I think it is naive and uneducated to recommend to people to keep most in speculation useless coins like BTC. A true store of value is something that is not based on speculation. XRP products are starting to pick up partners and in the near future XRP will not need speculation and pump dump groups to grow. Your comment is the same as saying that people should have never invested in Microsoft or Apple as Atari was around the longest and will therefore stay top forever. Technology does not function like that and it is a matter of time until XRP takes the number 1 spot. Moreover, POW is clearly a failed method that is not efficient enough to rule in the future. The only reason POW remained this long is due to the whole market being speculation and shit coins. Things are changing and you should open your eyes to see it.

  7. Great video, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the like button for you!

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  8. That pundi x xphone would make burner phones obsolete haha. But also it would be nice to have complete encryption for text and phone calls. I really think that’s a big business if they can make that happen. I would be a customer. Also, going to download brave today to try out. Good video today!

  9. I have been watching / listening to Cryptocurrency videos for over three years and ….. there is NOT a better channel than Altcoin Daily….. this guy really, really knows his stuff….. and no B.S. hype…… pushing sales / services…….. 3 thumbs UP

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