Banning Degenerate and Unpatriotic Online Content Make… CHINA ECONOMY STRONG!!! (Woke)

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  1. Interesting, but you're wrong about gay expression being a Western transplant into East Asia. Young women in those countries want to see gay male stories. In Japan, this became commercially viable in 1970 with the sale of manga, later followed by anime and live action films. Live action films and series followed in Thailand, Taiwan and the PRC (until the crackdown you discussed stopped most productions in the latter), all of them driven by market demand from tens of millions of young women. Translations of manga, anime, films and series (primarily into English) created Western fanbases as well. We could include the Kathoey third sex of Thailand along with Chinese and Japanese traditions of homosexuality to underline the point that Westerners have not polluted East Asia with degenerate ideas, but rather that local expressions of homosexuality have appealed to local tastes. Surprising to a Westerner is the fact that the latest iteration of this expression, dating back nearly half a century in Japan and more recently elsewhere, has evolved to show happy romantic endings for gay couples despite the lack of official acceptance of gay marriage anywhere but Taiwan.

  2. 1967: Chinese ordered to hunt down pigeons and rodents because they're dirty and unpatriotic animals.
    2017: Chinese ordered to hunt down sodomites and thots because they're dirty and unpatriotic animals.
    Save us, China (or Russia)! You're our only hope!

  3. You should consider doing a video on North Korea, from a political perspective it is a fascinating and unique nation.

    It is like nazi germany transported 70 years into the future, in some ways it is even more hardcore, babies born with physical deformities are killed, Korean women made pregnant by foreign men are forced to have abortions, every citizen has a social class based off the deeds of their ancestors.

    With the economy beginning to be privatised, with state farms being disbanded and given to families, North Korea is gradually becoming less communist and growth is increasing.

  4. The last time I saw you make a video on China economy strong, the video that came up in the automatic playlist was a chinese nationalist channel. It was very bizarre because the guy was obviously an exchange student in America. He really was this stereotype and and anything that went against Chinese interests was completely dehumanized and demonized, no matter how insignificant (Videos about Tibet and Mongolia were the ones I bothered to watch.). The guy had a couple of thousends subs. I wish I could find it again.

    It was quite fascinating on many levels, not the least you are struck with how utterly retarded the west is with this humanity project while the rest of the world is completely ruthless.

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