Bank Uses Bitcoin For Loans, Every Investor Should Own Crypto And Everipedia EOS Airdrop

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  1. Would you please make a video on EOS, registration, wallets if there will ever be one as it is such a huge project. Why haven't they already integrated an EOS wallet on hardware wallets. It is so scary to generate private keys on the internet. There is no safe place I trust than my Ledger Nano

  2. Hello everyone, new member to the crypto world. Was just wondering if someone could please explain on how to register your EOS tokens. Don't want to lose mine but I get lost when it comes to this point bout "staking, and registering" would really appreciate it if someone could please elaborate on these things.

  3. It’s going to blow again by the powers that be & my best guess is when the conference is finished. You all need to get it into your heads that the whole market is controlled. Oh, & not by you lot. By whatever you believe in & HODL.

  4. If eos is in a binance account, will we still need to register? I say that because binance in 3/12/18 said they will handle the tech requirements for the eos main net token swap

  5. Hey peps, I paid for a report and based on the report bitcoin will go passed 10,000 the very end of this month and will reach 30,000 this year. Out of respect for owner of the report, will not say his name or which report. But I will say, in the world of crypto, we all know his name. And yes it is very possible bitcoin will never be lower again than it gets this month.

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