“Bakkt Will Bring BTC to $10,000 First Week Of November” 💥 [Cryptocurrency News]

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  1. It’s not to late now, but it will be next year, you won’t be able to buy one under 20k plus, best to stock up now, don’t forget there is only 21 mill, but the real figure is 15 mill. China has many of them, they will take over the world financial system, be warned U.S. government.

  2. dont draw to optimistic conclusions, we are in a bear market every siqnificant upwards priceaction is punished with shorts and bakkt needs to grow. i see btc testing the 5800 and a drop to 4200 is very much still in play

  3. 1) bitcoin has cycles, it wont go into bull cycles before we see a long (a few months, half year or up to a year) sideway action where it will bounce between, lets say, 5000 to 8000. Pretty safe bet.

    2) Bitcoin etf

    3) nasdaq

    4) now we are in millions of people. Next wave will need… at least 5-10x more people

    5) bitcoin living up to it's reason of creation. Can't store anything in a very volatile "currency".

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