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  1. Being the anal retentive person that I am I won't be able to sleep until I clear this up. As an RN with decades of work experience in psych and hospice I feel I must clarify the grief stages for you and millenn tan. Depression has no stages: there are types of depression; no stages. Depression is the 4th stage of grief. There are traditionally 5 stages of grief (DABDA): denial, acceptance, bargaining, depression & acceptance. It's not only death that we have grief; losing something that's dear to us or not dear to us can instill grief. Grief doesn't always go in the order mentioned but usually does. People can get stuck in one stage as well. I was making a joke when you said that people are stuck being bullish and that's when it struck me that they are probably experiencing the first stage of grief (I know, I have a dry sense of humor as well). Anyway; I didn't think it appropriate to correct both of you in the chat; so here it is…you've been schooled by shar53….

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