Automated Crypto Trading – Making Gains with Cryptohopper and Crushing It

In this video, I discuss Crytohopper a cloud-based automated Crypto Trading BOT. An update on my strategy Crushing It and an introduction to Miggity Miner …


  1. Hello dear Mighty Miner! I want to bring my deepest apologies, but that copied your content. Initially, this was not done for profit, but because I didn’t save video content that I like on my computer – I downloaded it on YouTube channel. Please forgive me if you can. Write me please, did you forgive me?

  2. Sorry for typo, I just don't know how to apply it to my account even after purchasing your programs. Does your template and strategy load automatically or do I need to do something further?

  3. Hey that "person testing" is me! 😎.

    On Discord I'm CryptoManiac.

    I'm running the Crushing It strat with his Signals and 4 other signalers for one month all using the same setups. I'm paper trading for a month and sharing data with him. It's early, but his does average more than the others so far. No losses to this point. He even shares his settings in one thread and thats what I use 99% of.

    Keep in mind with all signals, there may be days you'll get very few or none. Some days you'll get 10-15. It all depends on the market. You don't want more signals, you want winning ones. So just be patient and don't stare at the screen all the time lol.

    In the South we have a saying "if you watch the pot it never boils."
    (no reference to Colorado)

    I sold 2 this morning at 5.8 and 5.9% using his strat using 2%/.25 TSL.

    It's nice to take the guesswork out of strats. Just paper trading but no stop losses so far and signals are awesome as well.

    Also if you Signal Configuration when he sends signals he now also sends a TSL, which can be different than your strat.

    These ideas along with CH being a LOT more stable and consistent than the previous version-is a winning combination. So far. (I don't want him getting the big head lol)


    And no I wasn't paid to leave this, but since I'm a Fed employee on Shutdown, any donations would be appreciated. 😉

  4. Can some one please let me know what exactly happens when I use (MM's) signals? I am wondering what just the basics of signals are…what are they doing?What I have to do?

  5. Bought the Crushing It strategy. Trading BTC as base coin is there a list of coins I should be trading against or that the strategy was back tested against? Much thanks

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