1. Love the show, informative as always. The problem with waiting for lower fees involves merchant to merchant transactions where we need product immediately. It's tough to calculate our potential margins on product when fees change so frequently. 🙁

  2. When will someone create a decentralized bank that only deals with Fiat to Crypto ……….We have to have the freedom to choose how we control our own money …….. Bitcoin community need to get to the next level of Independence….. now is the time to really take on the greedy controlling bankers!!

  3. Shocked that everybody who shows up to crypto is after money?
    Cypto is meant to be a currency, so of course its going to attract people interested in money.
    It's not a currency, its a scam, of course, but it's just about money.
    Interested to watch these videos as crypto implodes over the next month.

  4. I never heard why you claim it's centralized? Pre-mining doesn't make something centralized it actually makes them act exactly like an IPO instead where the token holders are share holders of the company. The Tokens are shares, technology, and currency all at the same time. When a company goes public they keep our buy their own shares and why not? If you own a company employees deserve to own a piece of the company which is what is happening. If Apple does this it would be called proprietary….. So ripple isn't centralized because their is a cap but it's very high due to the necessary price cost to send it

  5. Would be super interesting with some kind of idea around an ETA or roadmap for LN. Anyone know of any good sources for this? Perhaps some analysis of the current state of Bitcoin and smart guessing when this could possible be in a useful state for the common man.

  6. Ripple is putting very expensive lipstick on a pig. It is not solving anything really and is perpetuating the centralized status quo. It will go to zero just like all fiat where the supply is controlled by a central authority.

  7. Tone is getting annoying not giving any chance to any alt coin, as clearly, the money AND technology is flowing to alt coins at the moment. Maybe bitcoin is the old netscape navigator, very useful at the beginning, but replaced by way better version of it …. Maybe it's time to start discussing about the real limitation of bitcoin, and what would be a real alternative to it if we really want to scale ….

  8. Tone spreading his 2018 FUD with his thinking about stuff that hasn't happened…

    Yeah well Tone North Korea can end everybody's game tomorrow… or a gigantic solar flare can toast half the earth. You are a Big Chicken Little.

    Oh and all that BTC coin that hasn't been moved on blockchain was willed to me by my Uncle Satoshi, so you can't have it and he is still with us.

  9. Craig Wright is still clearly the most likely candidate to be Satoshi, by how he writes, words he uses etc.. there are many reasons one would want to back out of proving they are Satoshi, his dealings with government agencies in particular.

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