August 16 Bitcoin Elliot Wave Technical Analysis – Both Bearish and Bullish Scenarios

My new trading course is now live. I have no doubt that if you put in hard work every day, continuously improve your skills, and thrive to become a better trader, …


  1. 4K Off my Balcony – August 16th TA. Enjoy the sun rise with me. My specific plans if this is a short lived bull run. Criteria must be met. Still tweaking the settings. My apologies for the pauses.

  2. You'll want to keep an eye on cryptocurrency, it will leave you wondering how much more you could have made, if you kept a steady eye on the big picture and avoided the nonsense.

  3. Keep up this perfect update frequency;) it has been a while I finished your course and put in practicing trading, it does makes money if I monitor the chart well, except when I go to bed sometimes too tired to close the short term position , then wake up with some profits gone or price go opposite, so far this has been my biggest mistake in trading. Would love to hear more about your short/middle/long term strategy differenciation. Thanks in advance.

  4. 4K scammed you by the way. Video however is 1080p60 – if recorded in 4K you just spent time to downsample to full HD (1080p). Maybe wrong settings in your software. In the end full HD 1080p is better quality than 4K recorded downsampled to 1080p.
    Also your balcony hardware is not capable.
    But I am not here to judge. Every minute you dedicate is a gift. And even listening this video as a podcast would be awesome, considering the transferred knowledge.

    One day I might make my way to Canada. And ask for your new futon. A I definitely would bring a bitch with me to handle your horny chop stick! #candledick

  5. The sound was horrible but thatnk you for a good exlpanation. If someday you have the chance, maybe you'dd like to make a like 30min to 1 hour video setting up charts for beginner to medium entry. So with like a 1000 dollars and then show how to grow it in like a serie of 3 video's to 1600

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