Arrested Russian Bitcoin Programmer a Patsy for US Russia Witch-Hunt – Russian TV News

Subscribe to Vesti News The Russian MFA categorically opposes the extradition of Alexander Vinnik to the United States….


  1. Agenda 2030! Bitcoin will be a Ledger on resources consumed and you will be limited on you consumption!!!.  Bitcoin everything….Bitcoin water, Bitcoin gas, Bitcoin utilities, all controlled by the folks with endless cash!!!

  2. Винник не виноват…… Разве тупые Ленинисти наконец вернулись в Россию после 20 лет в Америке? Это сообщение фейк нюсь.

  3. Russians who love vacationing in the West and in other countries controlled by the West will always be at risk of becoming patsies for US law enforcement agencies. Live and learn.

  4. Our police is so passive and useless that they caught him because of orders and exact information from the CIA, for sure. That's why they can't give him to you.

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