Are Insiders Secretly Buying Bitcoin Again?

The reports show what the hedge funds and the traders are doing on Bitcoin. What do these reports mean about bitcoin? We reveal in the video. For more on …


  1. That Bloomberg Businessweek cover is from back in July 15th, 2013, this undermines your credibility a tiny bit if you're having to go back that far in history for a story. Still like your videos and appreciate the effort you put in.

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  3. It's not about being right 100% of the time and I've never hear a top trader claim to be. Managing risk/reward ratio and bankroll management is more important than being right over 50% of the time. That's why 90% of traders go broke

  4. You are the only youtuber we can refer to on subjects like this. Nobody else covers this kind of interesting facts. It is much appreciated! I always look forward to your next video.

  5. Pros may be lining their own pockets by trading against the money from their customers that is sitting in the hedge funds (high probability based on consistent failure to accurately predict market changes)

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