Are Cryptocurrencies In A Bubble? | How To Profit On The Way Up

Are Cryptocurrencies in a bubble? In this video, I present my investing strategy as the Bitcoin/Crypto bubble grows and how I plan to cash out before the bubble …


  1. I didn’t really put much thought into crypto currency until I watched one of this videos and i was amazed to bump into an expert that brought life and turned my finances into higher levels, I made more than $20,000 in 2 weeks with the help of Miles Scott, I’m blessed through him..

  2. I have watched hundreds of YouTube videos on crypto currency’s and this is the best video I’ve seen yet. Crypto guru has wisdom well beyond his years. Keep up keep up the great work mate and I will be watching.

  3. Great video !! You say that many projects don't need a token. Isn't that the case with Quantstamp ? Very little QSP tokens are needed to use Quantstamps services and they could have simply accepted bitcoin or any other. Why so bullish about this project then ? simply because of the low cap and potential hype ?

  4. Good Video Tom. I enjoyed listening to your PoV, however I would argue that regulation WILL ignite Crypto by bringing in institutional money. It might be painful at first but we would be so foolish to think we can have a $1tn+ market without it

  5. I agree with what you say by & large….. The only difference I have is that I think even in the medium / near term, bitcoin could be hard to keep up with. In my own experience in the last 10 months I would have done better by just holding BTC & I think going forward that trend will be even more pronounced.

  6. Can please update people on the tokenomics of XRP so much nonsense going around
    Is it true the CEO – who by the way comes over really well in my opinion- holds 5 billion coins. If so that’s $50 million per cent rise!!!
    Plus at $20 it’s bigger than amazon
    I am holding but will sell on the hype over $1 Trailing sale up
    Love your channel cheers

  7. Great video Tom, as always! When you said you will take profit from ICO's gradually, do you mean you will take out profits when the tokens spike and then leave a percentage still in, for when it becomes a cryptocurrency coin – like Stratis, Ethereum? (And how the percentage on ROI is incredible now etc)

  8. I love your channel and wait for your videos impatiently. Watching your videos is like reading 5 good books in just 30 mins. You talk and convey, like a lot more mature and intelligent than your age. I know you do a lot of hard work and information gathering before you do a video. Keep on doing the great work.

  9. Hi Tom! Great explanation as always, I'm at the same situation than you, age 22 studying an economic degree and living with parents, so I guess I will be taking the same risks as you 🙂

  10. Great explanation man! I agree that ICOs present the best opportunity for returns – however, definitely also carry the greatest amount of risk. For that reason I think anyone who is interested in crypto should start with Bitcoin because unless they have the time and ability to research projects, they are unlikely to win at picking ICOs

  11. Best channel…hope Tom remains same and for the community…I own many telegram channels and believe in community and I always tell everyone to trust Tom.. but still do your own research…I made them invest in nexo, zebi and other ico so that can trim their's great to see someone giving unbiased opinion

  12. I don't even think that the bubble 'll ever pop. It 'll probably (in my opinion) get smaller and smaller, and will stop acting like a bubble. Just my dumbest opinion by the way not financial advice !

  13. Thanks Tom. When you talk about cashing out, please be specific about how to convert back to fiat, how investors should be set up and the most cost effective methods to go do. Some avenues charge 20%. Thanks

  14. Hi Tom. I see you did not discuss Ternio yet. It is using a >1million TPS patented modification of Hyperledger Fabric as a kind of permissioned side chain to Stellar, called Lexicon. They say they are going to provide a much-needed fully transparent business and payment process for programmatic advertising thanks to hudge speed and decentralization. Their TERN ICO is going to start on June 1st, and until then it will be in presale. At ICO end (June 15) the Lexicon blockchain will be started and they will start working with the few major int'l partners they say they have already onboard (announcement to come in the next weeks). All this info comes from the Telegram group (and related links) where I was so lucky to get $1500 (!) of TERNs at ICO value ($0,10) thanks to their curious lotto-aidrop.

  15. Before commenting, please read:

    The internet changed the world and yet we experienced the dot com bubble. Just because a technology is revolutionary doesn't mean that a bubble cannot form. In fact, it makes it much more likely – world changing technology drives hype and speculation which leads to bubbles forming. Boring pieces of technology do not.

    Therefore, when I say that I believe Cryptocurrencies are in the EARLY stages of a bubble, I'm not saying that I don't believe in the technology. I'm actually saying I believe that the blockchain technology is so game-changing, it will cause incredible hype and speculation leading to a bubble.

    History might not repeat itself but it does rhyme.

    I know that this view is pretty contentious but I also think that's why many of you like this channel; because I tell you exactly what I believe, not just what you want to hear.

  16. Great video Tom, lot's of valid points. And I'm totally agreeing that this market is so radiculous that I even do not have to look back from the future to have so much laugh about it 🙂 The funniest thing is that I'm also throwing money myself into some of those 'not-having-much-sense' projects. But if you can make $ on them – it would be stupid not to do it 🙂 Keep rollin'!

  17. Couldn’t agree more. I’m curious to know how you feel about BTC and Monero mining contracts. Pulling some ICO profits and buying a mining contract as a hedge to accumulate the two.

  18. I actually like your channel guys, but with so much happening, it's a shame a whole video is dedicated to all that is/could be going wrong. Everything could be a bubble, horses could be a bubble, until cars came along! Personally, I think it would be more productive to focus on trying to understand the technologies that are being created, rather then on bubble theories.

  19. The nature of the asset means that it will always be in a bubble until its fullest potential. Crypto has the potential of becoming one of the most valuable industries by market cap because it can become the foundation of the financial system. Therefore, investors are paying for the potential of the product. It's not a bubble per-sé because the asset's potential is constant. The rest (fluctuations in the market) are just a result of hype and FUD. Blockchain as an industry is heavily undervalued but it is understandable as many people aren't aware of how revolutionary the technology is.

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