Are Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies a Store of Value in 2018

Are cryptocurrencies a store of value? Sub: Yes and no. Bitcoin and other cryptos are a better store of value than the US dollar… but are not …


  1. yes, the psychology of investment. Tulip mania. When your neighbor comes up to you and tells you to buy bitcoin it is probably time to not buy. Of course I, like you Peter have never been right about anything in my life LOL

  2. The vision I have of crypto is very much different. I see crypto as a huge seamless unhackable system which is a store of value, a rule of governance, a token of stocks and shares, coded smart contracts to efficiently run the economy. Once these systems are developed, it will replace everything as we know it. I agree that pure gold will always have a value due to its nature however providing crypto does mature and isn't sabotaged which is possible, then the revolution will be very positive. The current system is failing, the government's want crypto, they just want to be able to control it first. In my head, the question to ask is, how long can governments keep the current system in place before crypto is mature enough to take over? We will see what happens… I can see crypto price falling in the short term. It needs 4 more years of development (best guess) before it can begin being used for real world uses. So the prices between now and then are purely speculative until as you said, people and businesses are buying/using crypto coins/tokens for their daily lives. Stock market is obsolete imo, the economy is inefficient and the government's of the world will be united via blockchain. All transactions and historical data will be traceable. Why wouldn't they want this?

  3. Back to the USD. What is the probability that within say the next 18 months that the Fed not only halts the flimsy increases in interest rates but begins to lower rates once again. The next step of course would be another round of quantitative easing that would destroy faith in the US ability to pull out of this fiscal mess. Wikipedia the Chiasso financial smuggling case in 2009 where Japanese nationals were caught attempting to smuggle 135 BILLION in supposedly fake US bonds in 2009. These guys were subsequently released. Those Kennedy US bonds are 1 billion each and cannot be counterfeited as they have to have corresponding coupons with bank documents. This single capture represented over 1% of the US GDP in 2009. On February 17th 2012 Italian police seized 6 TRILLION in supposedly counterfeit US bonds. Those supposed criminals were later released. No one would be dumb enough to cash 6 Trillion in bonds. That’s ridiculous and it really points to visible cracks in a dam that could burst the next time we start to print our way out. Crypto could be the last gasp of the largest fiscal bubble known to mankind. Let me know what your thoughts are on these incidents Peter!!

  4. Fragmentation 😁 Bitcoin, litcoin… 😁😁😁
    But u have gold then silver then platinium then bronze then uranium…
    Gold has value only because people agreed upon it nothing else, americans allegedly have loads of that gold shit on Alaska 😁
    People assmall investors should not be decieved easily, metals r obsolete crypto is a future, why would anyone take responsibility of screwing up many people by waving them from crypto, ooooo we know why, so that they buy gold as gold n silver guys see competition in crypto, ridiculous
    R u gonna do shoppings carrying golden bar n cuting it around 😁😁😁😁😁

  5. I know a few people that own Bitcoin and they announced they are hedging it, which interested me because I was wondering what would you actually hedge…what effectively reacts opposite to Bitcoin.

    Oh No! That's not what they meant, they actually had long standing losses on Bitcoin buys and they were now selling it short at leverage to try and recover their loss while leaving their long positions open for when it reaches the magically new lands of $225k….

  6. Thank you for sharing. Managing finances has become very difficult and confusing nowadays. Obviously people made lots of money in cryptos in the right time. But for that to happen someone else had to lose it. It is a horrible game I am not comfortable playing. Cheers 🙏🙏🙏

  7. Gold is a manipulated commodity. So is silver. Through an illegal process of naked shorting. The price of gold and silver have done nothing in the last 10 years. Bitcoin has gone from 1/10th of s penny in 2009 to $6000 today. I’ll stick with Bitcoin.

  8. great point of view Peter. Thanks for the sharing your wisdom
    A person came to my door the other day who worked for a political party and before he left he said he had everything he owned in Cryptos. I just stayed silent.
    Peter Schiff says as it drops people will panic and will try to sell on any uptick. I think the government will regulate it . They have just gone after the online businesses for sales tax.

  9. to me CRYPTOS = PONZIS SCAMS.. waiting for the next fool to pay a higher price for nothing … remember Genius Newton lost a fortune on the 1600's south sea shares PONZI SCAM…don't feel bad …

    Giggling pimple-faced Asian school kids made these WORTHLESS arcade coins while dreaming of anime cartoon girls and boys….and you GROWN UPs are buying this PONZI SCAM .. hahaha fair value = dow = 5000 / bitcoin = $0.01

    giggling kids heheehhehe and your giving them money [in which the adults sneaked out of their commie holes to inflate west and east coast houses so now your kids are living in the streets] haha MT GOX ? really is that a Jap Porn ? Soros isn't buy this crap ?
    just like internet boom bust any name with blockchain is a scam = hive / block / dmgi / koin etc = all down = all PONZI SCAMS like any other stock ha same with POT stocks = PONZIs….sorryyyyyyyyy what color you want your lambo

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