Are Apple, Microsoft, and Google Using The Ripple Interledger?

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  1. Is it possible that the one of reasons why the price going down on XRP along with BITCOIN going down is they have released XRP from ESCROW ** which would dilute the price of XRP ** just a question ? is there away to KNOW when XRP HAS an WILL BE released from ESCROW ?

  2. The problem we have here is that the majority of people that holds xrp are amateurs hoping that it will go to the moon in a few weeks or months, it will not happen. It takes a lot of time and hard work to get this coin moving which in time will be fantastic, just think for a moment, A train needs a railway to run on and we are only just starting to lay the tracks and once the track is laid in 3 to 5 years beleive me as a stock holder in previous quality companies then you will see the true value of this coin which will be huge, I wonder however how many holders of a few hundred or even a thousand ot two will bail as soon as it its 5 dollars.
    Long hold then you will. E able to buy that Lambo

  3. XRP's price is really simple – the higher the Market Cap the higher the price per XRP. Us rental investors move the needle, but very little compared to the massive $ of the financial industry. I am using this time to buy up as much as I can. When the banks go live in production – there is going to be a massive rise.

  4. I think with a big company like Facebook, they can start up a currency way quicker than ripple did. BUT, I do see this as a great thing for us since most people don't know about crypto currency or are too scared to invest in it. Facebook would just be giving people a doorway to crypto currency since the popularity is high.

  5. Jeb is number 40 of richest people… Forbes… why wouldn't he like to see his baby rise? * In January 2018, it was reported that McCaleb's Ripple token ownership was worth $20 billion, which would put him at 40th place in Forbes' list of world's richest people….

  6. You said in a recent video that you didn't know much about Tron, but here is a confidence builder for you. The founder, Justin Sun, is also the Chief Representative and Advisor of Ripple’s Lab. Plus, are you aware that Ripple is heavily invested in Tron? This is not rumor. I have links to news articles and video interviews with Justin. Makes for some pretty interesting thoughts and ideas doesn’t it? He maintained that position after starting Tron and so far as the news articles say, he still holds that position. Makes me even happier to be the proud owner of a huge bag of Tron. This guy is a key figure in the operation of Ripple and now has his own coin. Pretty cool, huh. I now understand better how Tron is doing everything in much the same way as Ripple, and being successful in every move they make. Anyway, I am a Ripple guy first, but I thought this was pretty interesting news.

  7. See Digital Asset Investor, he mentions both you and Jungle Inc.
    Very interesting Panel which includes Tim Draper's son, Pantera Capital, a Ripple Representative from MIT and Stanford and others.

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