Aphelion ICO Review – Decentralized P2P Exchange Solution

In this video, I review Aphelion’s upcoming initial coin offering (ICO). While analyzing this ICO I found they are not ready with the product, so I am going to pass …


  1. When did you record this . Weeks ago. On the countdown timer in the video it's says 31day to go to crowd sale. It's 5 days to go . Your info is out of date. Why d8d you wait so long to post this. You slow

  2. HI Ian, please, could you post a monthly or weekly video with kind of a summary of your next ICOs? The ones you will join and why? Do consider your advices! Congrats Man!!!

  3. U are discredited man…it’s like a paid advert every time I️ see your face….it’s sad actually because u sold ur soul so early….hustle to greatness by acquiring viewers and backing nonsense. Not your fault, haven’t lost but it saddens me that this is where u are…hope u shape up man….

  4. Hi Ian! Thanks for your honest opinion, we respect that. Must say that I wish you would have taken a little deeper look into the project, and we believe you will at some point soon. We'll catch you post ICO.

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