Another Bitcoin Mining Titan Dies & Russian Grandmas Are All in On Bitcoin

Another head rolls in the Bitcoin mining game, Russian grandmas love Bitcoin, and is Bitcoin Cash in trouble? Sources …


  1. Lark, check out it is 4 p.m. on January 6th, 2019 in Germany) and Bitcoin is up 3419.44 %, currently at USD 136.543 !!?? No this is not a joke. Did they get hacked?? Huge miscalculation on the part of Marketwatch…., or are we seeing the future? No I am not drunk, high or going insane…. , I made a sceenshot. I can forward it to you. This would make a funny video. Best regards, Kerstin

  2. Hey Lark. On BCH, I really think the name goes against them. They are attempting to gain exposure at US sports events, but what will the fans hear and remember? The word Bitcoin! Their advertising merely promotes their nemesis! There needs to be another fork so they change their name, because no matter what Roger Ver says within the crypto world, when the uninitiated hear Bitcoin Cash, they only hear Bitcoin.

  3. Check out Singularitynet they are talking about launching Beta in february. they have a spin off company called singularity studio that is going to be a creating stuff to support the agi network and create AI products that help large scale companies. Lots of cool stuff happening with that company.

  4. Its like all these people..oooh boo hoo I would not eat a dog and cry cry I would not eats a cat.
    Dude if I was hungry as fuck and then someone cooked a dog or cat, my only question would be "got some sauce?"

  5. Biggest joke is China never shut down Bitcoin mining, if yu believe that shit then yo a dumbo. Heh what makes you think Russian power is cheap?..lulz,, as with China 95% of the country cannot even afford to buy a can o baked beans brah, cheap for Government backed multi million "entities",, yo!! still very expensive for the ordinary man/woman grinding to pay rent, put food in bellys.

  6. After watching this video…the question(s) is…How does this affect the price of crypto? Going forward this leaves me feeling that bitcoin is really just a store of value as it's not profitable to mine if prices drop n if prices rise, the lack of miners would slow down the network and fees will go up… so the adoption for BTC will be small because of this. Not saying it's bad…just looking forward, is this the outcome for BTC? It is the granddaddy so it's the main base currency to move into alts, so we will have an exchange usage.

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