Bitcoin has crashed again. Where is Bitcoin headed next? Join me for a session of Bitcoin BTC analysis, looking at things such as the MACD, RSI, volume, volatility, and BTC longs vs BTC shorts….


  1. I was just wondering, do you know where all the money goes when the market cap declines that much? Doesn't look like it flows in other equities. Is it just held on the sideline to move back in when momentum picks up?

  2. Bitcoin to breakout to $3,000,000 each. Yea, right you dumbducks.
    You all got plucked good. Crapto is total bullshit, the scammers got you. But you can feel better knowing you paid for their 6 month vacation in the Bahamas on the two million dollar catamaran you bought for him and his 3 live aboard hotties.

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  4. Bitcoin hit a high of $20,000 in 2017 and then the speculators sold out so now as of Feb.2018 it has plunged to $7000. If you look at a Bitcoin history graph and put a ruler on the LOWS you will see that $7000 is the predictable Low for Bitcoin where as the $20,000/Bitcoin was an artificially high price driven by speculators. Now is the time to Buy Bitcoin to get a Fair Market Price. Sure it may dip lower in the near future which is why I would spread my purchases over the next Few Months. Then just sit back and watch Bitcoins value climb over the coming year. ninagarcia250@gmail. com

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  7. Cheers for the info dude and happy easter too you to if thats in ya wheelhouse.Just a comment on ethereum/alts divergence its been ok trading last couple of weeks but was gonna request a deep dive on some tech stuff and ya opinion on it,like the code probs with protocol 86 i think it is, in constantinople and generally where you see that deep tech stuff in fundamentals impact and if ya recommend a particular site/sites to get it straight from the horses mouth,cheers again bud

  8. //This would be the first time in years we went to an oversold level, went back to a normal range, and then back to an oversold level before hitting an overbought level.//

    Am a bit confused. Does this include the 2014 bear market or no? Cause a bit prior in the vid you said it has NEVER happened. Thanks.

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