1. Why would anyone ever want Tron to go up in value, makes no sense. Don't you like Tron, don't you want to use it in the future, why do you want it to go up, isn't something you want to buy again in the future.

  2. only thing i will point out that is a negative for tron is the number of outstanding coins that are yet to be released. EOS/ETH most of their coins are in circulation. This could be bad for the price once released….

  3. I can't say one way or the other but I will say that I believe Tron has more potential for growth than any other project out there just based on everything they've got going on. I think we can all agree that Tron for a long time now has been way undervalued.

  4. I read that article.."Analysts" predict $12 huh? yeah ok…so name one of those "analysts" and lets see their prediction…..was just more fluff bs….but that aside I love Tron Go Tron!

  5. Nice vid Tone 👍 TRX is awesome. Lots of potential going forward. I’m an optimist, sure. Leaning on reality, I’ll go towards $1-3 2019/2020. However, if the math is as bad as the grammar, don’t think 52.91 is too realistic 😂

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