Amazon is working with the FTC’s fraud investigation against Sellers Playbook

You may remember back in March I had made a video about attending a “Make Money on Amazon” course put on by an organization called The Sellers …


  1. I have a prediction to make. I'm predicting we're going to see a big shakeup and crackdown regarding Youtube advertising, and it's going to happen around the "buy my $5,000 dropshipping course" type of ads.

    If you remember back last year towards the end of the year when crypto got really hot there started to be a lot of BS and scams in that space and Youtube as well as Facebook blocked crypto businesses from advertising.

    We're starting to see a lot of the same non-sense with everyone running ads sellingn expensive courses and marketing the courses on how they are making tens and even hundreds of thousands of Dollars dropshipping and just buy my $5,000 course to learn how.

    Well recently the FTC has begun cracking down on some of the bigger players in this space. Sellers Playbook was just taken down today…

    The FTC also just settled with The Amazing Seller Course over another scam…

    It seems there's a lot of attention being put on this space and the whole watch how I make a million Dollars selling cat earrings nonsense is at a fever pitch. I'm guessing were gonna see a crackdown and a lot stricter policies on this type of advertising in the near future. We'll see but that's my prediction.

  2. All of these courses are just sophisticated marketing funnels, designed to extort as much money as possible from marks. If the crappy information they sell doesn't work for the victim, their answer will always be that it's the victim's fault and they need to buy whatever the upsell is. Unfortunately so many con artists are jumping on the Amazon bandwagon. 'Amazing selling machine' are another company that sell a £4000 Amazon course that has information no better than what is available here on YouTube for free or from a quick Google search. There are no secret tricks that build a 6 figure Amazon business overnight and anyone claiming so are 100% scammers. If it sounds too good to be true… IT'S BULLSHIT!

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