Amazon Gets Deeper into Blockchain | New Ethereum Competitor ?

Tech Giant Amazon develops Position to Compete in Blockchain and Crypto Space. In this video I will talk about some projects that amazon is currently working …


  1. This is nothing more than clever marketing. It has nothing to do with a trust less decentralized ledger, aka blockchain. It may, however, be the undoing of Ethereum and similar protocols…..

  2. Question is: do developers care if their block chain is decentralized ??? The problem is ETH is centralized and not working, EOS has a certain amount of centralization. I think EOS and ETH would be cheaper than amazon due to token economics but that has volatility. Hard to say what way developers will go, at the moment they are funneling to EOS, EOS has a good head start on amazon.
    EOS alts market is blowing up


  3. Not many outside of crypto world have heard of XLM, so that won't be used on the front end. However, I could see it being used on back-end between Whole sellers, Distributers, and Amazon. On the front end, accepting bitcoin to start, maybe as soon as 2019.

  4. Amazon may come out with their own coin since they providing the infrastructure anyway. "Be'sos Coin" would have hellfying utility since amazon is into every market it seems

  5. Amazon will be getting bigger folks. Early Amazon stock Hodlers are about to get even richer. If Amazon is the first to adopt blockchain and implement it in a way that everyone is exposed to, they will carrie the torch for a long time.

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