Altcoins on Radar – Bitcoin Huge in Japan – Cardano and EOS Explode

This cryptocurrency video comes to live from Tokyo Japan where bitcoin banners and posters are all around. Also Cardano and EOS are looking like some the …


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  2. I have a question, i understand when you say not to buy at all time highs, but if nobody ever did, then we would never get to all time highs….I guess what i'm trying to say, is that whether you buy at an "all-time-high" or after a pullback, the reasoning is the same…you expect it to go higher after you get into that position…if we don't buy into a position when it is on its way up….then there would never be growth and new all time highs…Not sure if I am explaining it correctly, but I thing the comment should be buy if you expect it to go up…period…regardless of where it is at…I understand what you mean by saying don't buy at all time highs…but it is also counter intuitive to say that, as if everyone did that…we would never experience growth and MOON…and LAMBO….and all those other things people wish upon!!! Just my opinion!!!

  3. Hey Jeff I hope u read this…. I'm not Schilling but you mentioned in the video what a pain in the rear the Chinese firewall is check out apollocurrency privacy coin that gets around it i think it will be huge… hope to hear u talk about it… it's still in ico have a great one.

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