Altcoin News – Bitcoin $20k Within A Year? Bull Run Coming? Kraken Exchange CEO, Roger Ver & Reddit

This is Altcoin news, from the world of Cryptocurrency. Today we look at Hedge Fund Pantera CEO who says that Bitcoin is highly likely to go past $20k high within a year. 5 reasons why a bull…


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  2. Of course credit card companies won't back the use of crypto currency. It will put them out of business. Either way, it will put them out of business one day anyway.

  3. It's really hard to predict the near future value, because no one has been in the future to report back. I think now is a good buying point. My guesstimator points to Bitcoin peaks out at between 15 and 25 K this year.

  4. Well ofc its highly likely it goes past 20k. It basicly reached 20k at end of 2017 (almost). And this date in 2017 market were 30B. Now market is 375B. Dont need a rocket scentist to understand that most likely it would go past 20k. 😛 And your basicly saying in the video that 2018 will be really big and we will reach 20k per Bitcoin. If Bitcoin just reaches 20k or even 25k I wouldnt call 2018 very big 😛 Thats just getting slightly better than 2017 and a disappointment in my book.

  5. Mate, were in a bloody bull run!!!

    Many alts have doubled!! Some even 3/4 times gains in the last month or two

    I think platforms NEED and is a must for them to be regulated, otherwise they WILL run off with our money eventually

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  8. Dear Mr 'And so forth like this',
    Kraken is pronounced CRACK-uhn. Watch Pirates of the Caribbean or any movie where it talks about a dirty great big octopus monster tearing up some ships.

  9. You guys are in the convo for the best on youtube. Yo… need to talk about FUSION! Potentially better tech than Wanchain (DJ is a genius). Yet market cap still 100MM after a pump!…Can be the best coin of 2018!!

  10. Once DEX's start taking fiat to purchase alt coins, Bitcoin is going to decline slowly until another crypto takes over that's faster and less expensive to both consumers and retailers. I still see BTC hitting around $35k by end of the year.

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